Find The Right Budget Gifts For International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating the women in your life. While a gift is nice it doesn’t need to be extravagant.

Let them know they’re appreciated by giving them one of these budget-friendly options:


You can’t go wrong with a bunch of flowers, especially if you pick a type that she really loves. Flowers is a broad topic, you can give freshly cut ones, potted plants, dried and pressed ones or even plastic ones, (if you know she’s not good at keeping them alive).

It’s best to purchase the flowers yourself before the day and then pass them on yourself. This will avoid the price increase for the day and the associated delivery charge.

A Book

There are hundreds of books available which empower women or confirm just how wonderful they are. It doesn’t do any harm to remind the women in your life that they are special.

The best part is you can pick up books on Amazon or similar sites for very little!

Movie Magic

If your woman has a favourite movie or is desperately hoping to see the latest release of any sort then you can get this for them. It won’t just show that you appreciate them; it will show that you actually listen to what they want!

Party Invite

Another good idea is to arrange your own party, for women only. This is an opportunity for women to share their success stories and enjoy some downtime, with like-minded people.

Handmade Gift

If you have a talent for making beautiful bracelets, stunning necklaces or even quality pottery then this is a good opportunity to display your skills and provide your woman with a personalized gift. Even if it’s not that good this is one case where the thought definitely counts.


They say a picture tells a thousand words and in this case, it’s true. One picture can remind that special lady of her achievements or how much you love them. It will make them feel great every time they look at it.

Home Made Cookies

This doesn’t have to be cookies! Any homemade cakes or similar will go down well, especially if the woman has already mentioned their love of them.

Wrap them in a bow with a copy of the recipe to make a stunning yet surprisingly affordable gift; it’s the recipe which will show just how much you care for them. After all, you don’t entrust that to everyone!