Find Out How To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in USA

March 17 is St Patrick’s Day. He is known as the patron saint of Ireland but this day has become famous around the world. No matter where you are there’s a good chance a celebration will be taking place near you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Irish or not, you can join in these celebrations. You can watch the parade, have a drink dress all in green or even throw your own party. To help you celebrate you might want to discover the best places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the USA.

New York

You’ll be able to watch in excess of 150,000 people marching through the city as part of one of the biggest parades in New York.

It runs between 44th and 79th streets. Then you can slip into one of the many Irish pubs to continue the celebrations.


This might be the second largest way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the USA but t could also be the most impressive. The Chicago River is dyed green every year and privately funded!

You can watch or even take part in the parade before starting on the Guinness.


Competing with Chicago, Savannah greens the Forsyth Park Fountain and has music festivals which last for several days.

Considering the heat here the Guinness will be even more welcome than usual! The whole city has a celebratory feel making it an amazing experience.


Boston is well known and proud of its Irish roots. They have one of the largest parades in the USA and celebrate the night with celebrations lasting weeks before and after the event.

Every brewery in the district gets involved!


The parade in this fine city is known as the Nation’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and has an abundance of floats, marching bands and even the emergency services join in. This is the one that the president attends and will wave to the crowds; just keep your eyes peeled.

There are plenty of Irish restaurants and bars to choose from afterwards!

New Orleans

You don’t need much of an excuse to party in New Orleans. Simply pair St Patrick’s Day with Saint Joseph’s Day and you’ve got a week-long party. The parade marches straight into the French Quarter and is a sight that all can appreciate.

This is one town where the party doesn’t stop.

Los Angeles

Enjoy the warm climates of Los Angeles while enjoying the Irish music festival and spotting Hollywood stars.  There might not be a parade but there are enough festivals, bars and restaurants to keep any Irish person happy!