Practical Ways to Save Money When Traveling

tips2We haven’t given any helpful tips in a while, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to cover practical ways to save money when traveling.   We’re presenting this however, with one alibi –TSA.  We all know that flight travel regulations are fluid regarding what you can or cannot have when flying. This article is written applying generalities when topics are discussed. Having said that, let’s talk about saving money.

Currencies & Comfort

If you plan to travel in an area that is more expensive than where you live, you may want to take some of your creature comforts with you. Depending on what it is, your favorite snack can be very pricy in high-cost-of-living areas or hotels. Check with the airlines /TSA to see what snacks can be brought along so that you can have them when you arrive at your destination.
Checking the currency rate of exchange before leaving is another good idea to help save money. Consider exchanging some of your funds before you leave, to take with you. This almost always helps avoid some of the worries of having to find out where to get it exchanged when you arrive at your destination; as well as possibly saving you money.

Pack Wisely. Bring a Sweater or Jacket

Packing correctly for the trip can also save you money. Carefully considering the weather, events and activities you plan to do at your destination can help you avoid over packing. Over packing can lead to additional weight charges which can cost you money! No matter what the season thought, it is recommended that you bring a sweater or a coat. Even during the summer, it can still get cold on the plane or in the hotel. Having that extra layer when you need it without having to go out and buy it adds value to the trip.

Plan for Keeping in Contact with Family and Friends

Calling back home from overseas can be expensive if you haven’t worked out the details before leaving the states. There are several things you can consider doing that might help save you money.

1. Unlock your Phone. If your phone is locked to your carrier, you may not be able to use or might be very expensive to use it once you reach your destination. Unlocking it will allow you to pick up a local SIM card and putting it in your phone for use when you arrive at your destination. If you are afraid or uncomfortable about doing that with your current phone, maybe you’re like me and have a bag of old phones (smile). You can have one of those unlocked and ready to use when you get ready for your trip.

2. Use FaceBook, Skype, or WhatsApp. Using social media apps is another option for keeping up with family and friends while you are on your journey. Many times, there is little to no cost involved and you can share pics and short videos too!

I hope this information helped. And as always, check our site for tickets!

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